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June 2089, Chertovice, WA. 19 year old college student Lily Donnellan wakes up one morning to find themself transformed into a Succubus due to the actions of their downstairs neighbor. Along with said transformation, they wake to a plethora of feelings and thoughts they've been heavily repressing for the past nine years, relating to their belief of being a guy and the possibility of being a girl. 

Thrust into confronting not only their dysphoria, but also things a college student shouldn't have to deal with, they're going to have a Hell of a time sorting everything out.

Gourmet Deviled Egg is an expanded, edited version of the story Deviled Egg, which had originally been published from July 20th 2019 to May 23rd 2020, releasing on a weekly schedule. Compared to the original upload, it includes fixes to continuity as well as five bonus chapters. Readers of the original should find this updated version more enjoyable and cohesive than the original, and new readers should find an enjoyable tale of a young trans woman figuring out she's trans, reconnecting with family she was unaware of, building a chosen family, oh and flipping off God, because what young adult doesn't want to give God the double bird. 

Please note that a Printed version will be available through Amazon soon after release, at this link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D868VJC

Content Warning: This work includes depictions of slur use along with misgendering and deadnaming of trans characters, primarily the protagonist in the early parts of the story, before she accepts being trans. Along with this, it includes depictions of Violence, mostly cathartic. The author follows the mantra of No Bad Ends For Queer Characters, and would rate this work a 16+

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorKatie Walker
TagsComedy, LGBT, LGBTQIA, novel, Queer, solarpunk, supernatural, Transgender, urban-fantasy


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This is the best perches I have ever made. I had been questioning my gender for years and this book helped fully crack my egg. Thank you so much for this awesome story.